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The primary purpose of this video is to show how F.O.O.D. can be used to enhance Brain Health and allow it to heal itself from Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

In this video I prepare and discuss the highly beneficial and dynamic use of Cabbage Salad & Beet Salad (real F.O.O.D.) to rid the body of weight(waste), allowing the body to minimize disease and reverse its indicators, enhance overall health and transform the Body, Mind and Spirit.



I am your blessing. I nourish your liver, ease your digestion. Use me to increase the iron and nutrient density within your blood and organs. Let me help you withdraw from caffeine and back away from coffee and its excito-toxin impact on your brain.

The humble dandelion (which means teeth of a lion) is tenacious in it determination to been seen. Seen as the magnificent herb/food that it is. Many fanciers of lush green lawns of full green grass consider it a weed and will dump tremendous amounts of toxins onto their lawns in the air, waterways and throughout our environment to assault and destroy this beautiful plant.

This is one of modern day man’s greatest ironies. For the dandelion like all natures bounty and healing plants shows up when and where it is needed most. It should be appreciated for its desire and determination to nourish our most profound organ for ridding the body of toxins, the liver. Instead many turn around and attack this precious gift with toxins that will kill the plant and also the very liver and body it is intent on nourishing. Nourish so it will work optimally in its constant pursuit of healing, health and happiness.

Next time you see this beautiful purveyor of health cherish it. It is about to be Spring and the dandelion will abound. Pick the leaves and put in Spring salads, dry the leaves and roots for a liver flushing, blood cleansing, pimple ridding, skin clearing and hormone balancing tea.

When I see a dandelion withering and dying from being blatantly attacked by someone unappreciative of its beauty and healing properties I am saddened. Saddened both for the plant denied its noble mission and doubly so for the liver and body of the person who has killed his/her own FREE medicinal gift from nature. I shudder to look inside their bodies and see their liver beginning to look the same as this humble plant as it suffers needless in its waning final moments of life.

Lunch Glass Jarring it

I have been re-using glass jars from condiments, sauces, salsa and so on for years. Carrying my food in glass sealed in assures that it stays fresh and crisp, maintaining quality and nutrient density.

On the menu today is avocado, asparagus, cabbage salad, celery; chick pea, fenugreek and lentil sprouts. I only drink fresh juices with a meal, never water as it dilutes the digestive juices, I would drink water 20-30 minutes before my meals. The juice I am consuming today is comprised of apple, beets, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, parsley and pineapple.

Optimal health requires optimal fuel.

Packing your food in this manner is perfect for the mini meals described in the Art of Snacking chapter in my book mentioned below. Making food in quantity and separating it into jars in this manner aid portion control and consistent meal planning for superior nutrition and stabilizing the metabolism. As I say in the book, “mini meals equals a mini me.”

Get my book The Obesity Myth You’re Not OverWeight You’re OverWaste, and/or come to my master lecture/workshop series and learn these and many more masterful practices that will empower you to help your body heal itself and maintain your body like a Superhuman.

Cabbage Head

The cabbage is true brain food. The sign of its nature is very visible. We call it a head because it is the size and shape of our head. When it is cut in half it looks like the 2 hemispheres of the brain. This is known as a plants signature, when it looks like the part of the body it effects. But guess what the cabbage it great work for the brain from the other end, in the colon. When cabbage brushes clean the lining of the colon and ferments creating the perfect breeding for probiotics, it sets up the production of those wondrous B vitamins. I always say B for brain. B vitamins are fuel for the brain and body.

This empowers the body to stave off many diseases. Think no more diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s, stroke, kidney disease and many many others. Know HOMEOSTASIS.

The 2 Types of Bitter Melon

This wonderful food/herb is one of the primary ways of nourishing the pancreas for revitalization from the onslaught of Type 2 Diabetes. Curbing sugar cravings and excess appetite; what a phenomenal addition to your morning green (chlorophylled) smoothie or as a watery soup just before lunch or dinner. Eat up, lose the waste, lose the weight. Great way to welcome your body to 2015 and years of optimal health to follow. Click picture to be taken to an opportunity to be further informed.

We are the first people of this planet. We are the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, the most imitated, the most beautiful, and when you look at sports and athletes the fittest. Now we have become the fattest, the most obese, the most diabetic, the most hypertensive, the sickest, the most depraved, the most deprived and culturally and intellectually undermined. Yet we are still the most likely to return to our nature and our God selves. Let us breathe Divinity into our Body Temples, only put food that is natural and whole into our Body Temples and move our Body Temples like the God machines that they are. Breathe, eat and exercise your right to be Super Human and all your divine God given glory. Walk with me like Aaron of old and instead of building and worshiping a golden calf, we will build our Body Temples in honor and reverence to the Divine that dwells within each of us. It is your birthright and you’re calling. NOW HEED MY CALL AND LET’S MAKE A SHIFT IN THIS PARADIGM IN THIS NOW.

Click the link below and see the impact miseducation, glutony has had on the body temples of the masses and read how dramatically difference things are going to be when the paradigm shifts and each of us rebuild the Divine Body Temple:


This is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This topic is of great concern to all and has become a major cause for many.  It is because it touches the lives of so many.  As we fund research and rally our cries for a cure we must also educate ourselves.  We must do this in a proactive and assertive manner.  Many of our lives and the lives of our loved ones depend on what we know and don’t know around this issue and the very nature of cancer and our bodies. 

 I like to start any awareness or education process with getting to know the basics.  For when you know and master the basics of a thing you can master the management of that thing.  First off as humans we have to realize like so many other animals on the planet we are classified as mammals.  The reason we are classified such is very simple, because at the very first stages of life we feed from our mothers through the mammary gland.  The word mammal is a derivation of the word mammary.  Describing all animals that possess such a gland.

Each and every mammal’s mammary gland is adapted very specifically to that species.  It’s purpose is very direct, to create and secrete milk to feed the newborn of that particular species.  Any other use of the mammary (breast) as a source of food or non use for that purpose after giving birth quite simply goes against it’s natural design.  Because of the way we have been informed and our stern desire to stand up for what we believe many will argue this point in various ways.  Whatever the argument we can’t escape these facts and the consequence of ignoring them. 

What are the things that we routinely do that violate this natural order.  Well today many women don’t breastfeed or nurse, as it was formerly known, their newborn children.  Instead infants are fed formulas concocted according to information gathered in some laboratory experiment.  These scientific formulas are composed mostly of the milk of another mammal other than human, or soybean extracts.  As stated earlier, each species of mammal prepares milk in its body specifically for the health and growth of it’s newborn.  Humans are the only mammals that routinely drink the milk of another animal.  Humans are the only animals that drink milk past the infant/toddler stage of life.  And humans are the only animals whose mothers drink the milk of other animals.

We can’t have this discussion without examining milk.  After all it is the reason women have breast.  Milk is the natural food of infants.  Its purpose is to nourish their growth at the very beginning of life.  It is filled with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, hormones, and other chemicals necessary to fuel growth at a rate far greater than any other stage of development.  This holds true for all mammals.  This is a very defined and specific purpose.  Treating and consuming milk outside these naturally defined parameters creates a multitude of problems.  Breast cancer and other forms of cancer are but a few of these very dangerous results. 

There is an incompatibility between the various constituents of the milk of each mammal to the bodies of other mammals.  The comparable growth rate of an infant of the bovine species compared to that of humans is drastically different.  Human growth hormone in human milk and Bovine Growth hormone in cow’s milk attribute to different growth rates.

I wanted to get back to the basics in this article to rein in our thoughts around this issue.  Kinda de-cloud and un-clutter our minds a bit if you will.  Of course this is not a simple matter since this issue is of such a tall order. 

To drive home the broader implications of three major points that I feel need be in the forefront of any discussion on Breast Cancer and other cancers I am including three links. 

The first link is to Breast Cancer Risk Factors listed on the Cancer Treatment Centers of America website.  A large amount of these factors fit what I consider the misuse of Breast, food, and the hormone estrogen. 


The second link is to an article published in the Harvard Gazette in December 2006.  In the article a Radcliff Fellow Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu, speaks to the  suspected role of cow’s milk, cheese, and other dairy products in hormone-dependent cancers.  Which include cancers of the Breast, Prostate and Testicles. 


The third link is to an article published in Science News in 1997.  In this article several doctor’s and studies point to plant estrogens or phyto-estrogens as exhibiting Breast Cancer prevention characteristics.


Though there are no guarantees in life, there are precautions we can all take to minimize the potential that we will succumb to this and other deadly cancers and diseases.  Once again getting back to basics.  Increasing our oxygen intake and managing our breath, consuming better quality food and managing nutrient uptake, moving our bodies by exercising regularly.  This trinity of good health is explained in detailed and simple terms in my new book The Obesity Myth: You’re Not OverWeight, You’re OverWaste, soon to be released.  Once it is available I will post the necessary links.

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