The month of April is all about Female and Male reproductive health. On April 4 it was the ladies turn to get to know more about their bodies and some of the things affecting their reproductive health and the health of their reproductive organs. Saturday April 18 was the men’s turn to learn the same.

Well that’s how some think when they see the title of these lectures specifically mention either sex. Let me tell you that’s not the intent. Men are at a loss when they are unaware of what makes a woman tick. If you don’t know about hormones, hormonal shift and how to help keep the balance, relationships can be a wild ride. Women too miss out on the nuances of a high quality relationship and love life when similarly lacking in awareness.

These lectures and the workshop scheduled for May 2 are all about us getting to know ourselves and each other, in intimate ways beyond the imagination. I’m talking foundational in a way that builds our awareness, knowledge and appreciation for ourselves and each other profoundly.

Each and every time this segment of this series is conducted ALL need be present.


End All Disease Now 2015 5-2 + 2 Qtr